Tyres Washington

Here at Penshaw Car Centre, we place great value in the quality of the tyres we supply to our customers. Vehicle tyres are the point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface, and their condition can be a major factor in the overall driving experience.

Tyres are also vital when it comes to ensuring the safety for the driver and passengers, and for this reason our mechanics are more than happy to check the conditions of tyres in Washington.

We stock some of the world’s leading tyre brands, as well as an extensive range of car and van tyre sizes within our selection of tyres in Washington. We stock quality tyres from manufacturers including Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Good Year, UniRoyal and Millennium, and we only supply products that pass our rigorously high quality control tests.

Car and Van Tyres at Premium Price

Penshaw Car Centre’s full tyre checking and fitting service is designed with the driver in mind. To that end, all of our tyres in Washington are supplied, fitted and balanced as standard, with no extra costs or hidden charges. We install bespoke tyres, including run-flat tyres, to vehicles including

  • Cars
  • Light Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • 4x4s

Our tyre fitting service is one of the core activities that define Penshaw Car Centre, which means that all of our tyres in Washington come supplied in good condition and can be legally driven on UK roads. In addition, we guarantee to dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Legal Requirement

It is well known that a fresh set of tyres provide better traction and grip on roads, improve cornering and resulting in a smoother overall drive, especially in slippery, wet conditions. We often see wear and tear damage that has build up over time, seriously endangering the stability of a vehicle in transit.

However, as well as the direct hazards associated with worn or damaged tyres in Washington, another key consideration to make is the penalties that can be applied to those drivers’ who are caught using damaged or worn tyres.

With a maximum fine £2500 for drivers caught plus three penalty points on your license, it certainly pays to ensure that your tyres in Washington are in roadworthy condition. If it turns out that this is not the case, getting them switched out should be a priority, before you risk damage and potential disqualification.