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It is a legal requirement that all cars and motorcyces over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate.

A valid MOT Certificate is needed to tax a vehicle that is over three years old and without one you may not be correctly insured in event of an accident or other claim.

Penshaw Car Centre is approved by the Department for Transport as an MOT Testing Station Number VTS-29651 and has MOT Testers accredited by VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

MOT Prices:

Motorbikes and Scooters: £29

Cars and Light Vans: £39

Testing while you wait

We will carry out your MOT Test while you wait or alternatively, leave your vehicle with us and we will contact you on completion of the test.

Free Re-Test (if applicable)

If a vehicle fails an MOT then it does not comply with legal standards and must be repaired and re-tested.

We are equipped for most repairs and always give a FREE re-test whether repaired by us or not.


It is not necessary to pre-book your MOT Test as we will do the test while you wait. However, if you have no tax or MOT test on your vehicle then you must pre-book the test in order that you may legally drive the vehicle to the MOT Testing Station