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Thorough fitting and inspection of tyres

Professional tyre fitting and inspection services from Penshaw Car Centre.

Along with our comprehensive car and van hire service we also offer our customers a complete tyre inspection and fitting service. It is essential to ensure safe travel whilst on the roads and precise tyre pressure is an important part of vehicular maintenance. As dedicated specialists we work hard to ensure our customers benefit from our experience and we are happy to make sure your tyres are functioning safely and correctly.

Tyre pressure is determined by the amount of air within so the reduction of pressure over time is quite normal, regardless of the condition of the tyre. Your vehicle needs to be able to steer and stop without issue or restriction, therefore, tyre pressure is so significant as it can impact the capacity of the tyres to grip the surface of the road. The shape of a tyre can alter alongside its pressure. A rounded profile usually indicates over-inflation with a sunken appearance reflecting an under-inflated tyre. Incorrect tyre pressure also impacts fuel costs as a vehicle becomes harder to operate thus increasing the engine's consumption.

Overall, there is no substitute for carrying out regular checks of your tyres and their pressure. Our fitting service is second to none and our team will ensure the optimal safety and performance of your vehicle. We maintain a competitive and transparent pricing structure and all prices remain fixed with zero hidden additional costs. Please feel free to call on us at our well-equipped facility and our team will carry out a complete check of your tyres.

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