Car and Van Re-gas Air Conditioning Service in Washington and Sunderland

Your air conditioning system sees much more use than you realise. You use it not only for cool, refreshing air in the summer but also to de-mist your windscreen during the autumn and winter. Over two thirds of modern vehicles are fitted with air conditioning systems or climate control systems as standard and these all require regular maintenance to keep them at peak efficiency.

Penshaw Car Centre provides a simple, straightforward and reasonably priced air conditioning service for motorists in Washington and Sunderland. The refrigerant gas used by your air con system will be used up over time, which causes your system to work harder for the same output. By fully servicing your air conditioning service you can restore it to top performance.

Our service includes re-gas and re-charging as standard.

Regular car maintenance does not cover air conditioning, which means that many motorists in Sunderland and Washington may never have had their air con systems checked and topped up during the lifetime of their vehicle.

Our Re-Gas Air Conditioning Service

At Penshaw Car Centre our car and van re-gas air conditioning service in Washington is simple, straightforward and effective.

Our mechanics start by emptying any refrigerant gas and oil that may be remaining in your air con system. After we have cleaned it out thoroughly we then replace this with the correct amount of new refrigerant gas and lubricant as per the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

The service takes very little time and results in your air con system producing cool, refreshing air whenever you need it. We can also identify the cause of unpleasant odours and remove these where necessary. A full air con service is just £59.00.

Most car manufacturers recommend that your vehicle receives an air conditioning service once every two years.

Repairs for all Cars and Vans

As a dedicated automotive repair centre, Penshaw Car Centre has a vast wealth of experience carrying out vehicle servicing and vehicle repairs for all types and specifications of car and van. Located just a short drive away from the Washington Highway, we are a fully equipped and computerised garage offering specialised car and van re-gas and re-charge air conditioning services for all types of cars and vans.

Any car and van air conditioning services in Washington we perform are carried out in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer as well as our own best practice guidelines.