Car and Van Re-gas Air Conditioning Service in Houghton-Le-Spring

Over two thirds of modern vehicles are fitted as standard with Air Conditioning Systems and Climate Control Systems, and these are often in use by motorists throughout the year. You rely on your air con system to provide cooling, ventilation and humidity control both in the warm summer months and during the cold winter ones.

However, air conditioning refrigerant gas permeates through your air con system, which means that the amount of available gas in your vehicle will decline over time. This will seriously affect how well your air con system performs over time – in fact, most car manufacturers recommend that you re-gas your air conditioning service once every two years to keep your system as efficient as possible.

Penshaw Car Centre provides a full car and van re-gas air conditioning service for motorists in the Houghton le Spring and Washington area. As part of our air conditioning recharge service we can check the status and levels of your air con refrigerant, top these up if necessary and perform any repairs or modifications that may be required.

Air Conditioning Recharge Process

Our car and van air conditioning re-gas service is simple, straightforward and effective. Our mechanics remove any old refrigerant gas and oil which may be left in your system, clean it out and them replace this with the correct amount of new gas and lubricant. The result is a system that can efficiently produce cool, clean air in your vehicle. If you have been noticing any unpleasant odours coming from your air con system we can also investigate the source of such odours and remove it.

This service is not part of normal vehicle servicing, which means that for many vehicles car and van air con re-gas or re-charging is often overlooked year on year.

You can get a full air con service for your vehicle from Penshaw Car Centre for just £59.00.

All Vehicle Specifications Covered

Penshaw Car Centre is an established automotive repair centre located in Houghton le Spring, just a short distance from the Washington Highway. We are a fully equipped and computerised garage offering a full range of vehicle servicing and vehicle repairs for motorists in the North East.

Our car and van air conditioning service in Houghton le Spring covers all vehicle types and specifications. Any air con systems that we re-gas or re-charge are done so in accordance with the recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer.