Car and Van Re-gas Air Conditioning Service in Durham and Chester-Le-Street

You use your air con system almost every day, day after day, throughout the year. Motorists expect a certain standard of air conditioning in their vehicles and most car manufacturers today make this a standard in the production of cars and vans. Today, over two thirds of modern vehicles are fitted with air con or climate control systems.

The fact remains, however, that very few motorists consider getting their air conditioning system properly serviced, which is a problem because this is not covered as part of your standard yearly service and is not tested on your MOT. Over time your system will use up the refrigerant gas which permeates your vehicle, seriously affecting the efficiency of your air con system.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend that you undertake an air conditioning service at least once every two years.

Re-Gas Air Conditioning Service

Penshaw Car Centre is a friendly local garage who specialises in a full range of vehicle repair and maintenance services. We provide a full re-gas and re-charge service for car and van air con systems that checks the level of your refrigerant gas and tops it up when needed.

As part of our service our mechanics will remove any leftover refrigerant gas and oil left in your system, clean out the system and then fill your system back up with the correct amount of refrigerant and lubricant. We use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation as a reference point throughout the process, which ensures that your air con system is restored to full working order and produces only cool, refreshing air.

Our re-gas and re-charge air conditioning service is simple, straightforward and effective, and in some cases can take as little as one hour to complete. Penshaw Car Centre can complete a full air con service for £59.00.

All Vehicle Specifications Covered

As a fully equipped and computerised garage Penshaw Car Centre works with all types and specifications of vehicle. We are based in Houghton-le-Spring, just a short drive off the Washington Highway, and we continue to provide a full range of vehicle maintenance services for motorists in Durham, Chester-le-Street and elsewhere in the North East.

For more information about our car and van air conditioning service, including re gas and re charge services, please contact us by phone or email.