Car Hire Sunderland

When you drop your car off with us for servicing and repair work, it’s vitally important to us that you are not inconvenienced during the course of your daily routine. That’s why Penshaw Car Centre offers car hire for motorists in Sunderland and the North East. If you need to find some short term transportation we can accommodate you with a range of vehicles available on lease for as long as you need it.

As one of the top vehicle hire services in the North East (with a record in the industry that goes back more than 25 years) we provide a straightforward customer experience, ironing out the potentially tricky process of car hire and leaving you with only the open road to think about.

Dependable car hire Sunderland

For those planning a weekend trip away or simply requiring a car for a while, Penshaw Car Centre can provide both small and medium sizes cars that are efficient, modern and reliable to drive. As a car repair and servicing centre, our expertise when it comes to vehicular maintenance is shown through our outstanding car hire in Sunderland.

We can supply estate cars suitable for long distances as well as town cars to get you about, whilst we can also supply vehicles designed to move goods and packages around in a comfortable and efficient manner. This means that our car hire service in Sunderland is ideal for both work and leisure purposes.

Providers of bespoke vehicles since 1987

As well as numerous makes and models of car available to hire, our customers access all specifications of white vans capable of undertaking removals and relocations. With various load capacities available, customers can select a van that fulfils all their requirements whilst keeping costs as low as possible. Whichever vehicle you settle upon, you can rest assured that our drive well and will keep your belongings safe in transit.

We believe that the key to an efficient car hire service in Sunderland is accuracy. With Penshaw Car Centre, all the information you could possibly need is right at your feet.

Proof of ID

With Penshaw Car Centre, hiring our reliable and well-kept vehicles couldn’t be easier. Once you have decided which rental vehicle you require, simply call us on 0191 385 2657 to arrange your car hire in Sunderland, and on the day all you need to do is bring:

  • A photo card driving license (or old type plus a passport)
  • One proof of address dated within the last two months*
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Payable deposit

*Acceptable proofs include bank statements, utility or telephone bills, credit card statements