Car Hire Chester-le-Street

For a quality car hire service in Chester-Le-Street, Penshaw Car Centre offer fully insured and reliable rental vehicles of all specifications to customers in the North East.

Penshaw Car Centre has a record in the business going back more than 35 years, and we aim to provide an outstanding customer experience that irons out the potentially tricky process of car hire in Chester-Le-Street, leaving you with only the open road to think about.

If you need to find some short term transportation we can accommodate you, with a range of vehicles available on hire for as long as you need it, seven days a week.

Dependable car and van hire Chester-le-Street

For those planning a weekend trip away or simply requiring a car for a while, Penshaw Car Centre can provide both small and medium sizes cars that are efficient, modern and easy to drive. As a car repair and servicing centre, you can rely on our expertise when it comes to vehicular maintenance, and all of the vehicles you’ll find here are clean, presentable and well maintained.

Penshaw Car Centre can supply estate cars suitable for long distances as well as town cars to get you about, whilst we can also supply vehicles designed to move goods and packages around in a comfortable and efficient manner. This means that our car hire service in Chester-Le-Street is ideal for both work and leisure – just tell us your needs and we can find an appropriate vehicle to match.

Easy to use booking process

Something that can hold back many people when it comes to finding a short-term lease is the sheer complexity of finding the right car for them, and then having the obstacle of filling out the proper paperwork and so on. Quite simply, the effort that goes with car hire in Chester-le-Street can turn a lot of people off the process completely!

With Penshaw Car Centre, hiring our reliable and well-kept vehicles couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve decided which rental vehicle you require, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our friendly staff members to arrange your car hire in Chester-Le-Street, with a tried and trusted step by step process that makes everything simple and straightforward. On the day all you need to do is bring:

  • A photo card license (or old type plus a passport)
  • One proof of identification*
  • National Insurance Number
  • A payable deposit

*Acceptable proofs include bank statements, utility bills, telephone bills and credit card statements