Air Conditioning

Over two thirds of modern vehicles are manufactured with air conditioning systems and climate control systems fitted as standard, however very few if any of these systems will have had a re-gas service during their lifetime. Re-charging your air con system is not included as part of your annual service.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you get a re-gas conditioning service once every two years.

Penshaw Car Centre offers a competitively priced air conditioning re-gas service, suitable for cars and vans.

Air conditioning systems permeate refrigerant gas throughout your vehicle, creating that refreshing, cooling effect. As time progresses this gas is used up, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder, consume more fuel whilst working less efficiently.

Our mechanics will remove any old refrigerant gas / oil left over in your system and replace it with new gas and lubricant, adhering to the levels specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The result is a system that produces cool, refreshing air whilst your vehicle is on the move. We can also remove any unpleasant odours your vehicle air conditioning system may be producing.

The entire process is simple, straightforward and effective. We can have your vehicle back to you in as little as one hour.

For more information and to book an appointment please contact us on 0191 385 2657.